Auto update without API?

My DNS (ChangeIP) does not provide any API to make changes to TXT/CNAME etc. records. Is there any way I will ever be able to auto update certificates?

I'd like to use ACME, but it looks like this is a requirement. I was trying to use

This is the main error message I'm getting, btw:
Detail: DNS problem: query timed out looking up CAA for

I'm starting to wonder if there is a problem with because I don't get proper responses from the dig tool and loading my website is inconsistent now.

Not a single one of ChangeIP's nameservers appear to be working at the moment.

(Correction: ns6 does work, but ns1 through ns5 do not).

That would explain the SERVFAIL you see from Let's Encrypt.

It sounds like acme-dns is a valid thing for you to try, but it's not going to go anywhere unless your nameservers work.

In my opinion the easiest thing to do is to use a DNS host that are well-supported by ACME clients, but if you want to get this working, it should be possible.


oh wow, well thank you so much for the simple answer. Between massive nameserver failures and better ACME support I might just end up switching. Thanks again!


Check out Cloudflare, their DNS hosting and a few other features are free (you just add your domain and it copies your DNS settings, then you change the nameserver at your registrar), they are also supported for automated DNS by most of the common ACME clients. Other options include AWS Route 53, Azure DNS, Google Cloud DNS etc which are all very well supported by automation.


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