Auto renewal not working for reactive apps

Following is my environment:

O/S: Ubuntu :18
Webserver: Apache
Tools: Webmin(Virtualmin) - i am using virtualmin to create a virtualhost which includes Let'sencrypt certificate.

Issue: I have total 8 applications running on the same instance 4 = Wordpress and 4 = Reactive applications. The 4 wordpress sites are automatically renewing with Let's encrypt where as the other 4 reactive applications are not renewin automatically.

Is there any application based restriction is there. ?

No, Let's Encrypt is oblivious to the purpose of the certificate(s).

The thing that's most likely to be different is how /.well-known/acme-challenge/ requests are handled. The wordpress config may be happily forwarding these request to the correct place (filesystem?) and the Reactive ones maybe not, it also depends what acme tool is actually doing the certificate requests.

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