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My domain is:

My web server is (include version): Home Assistant

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): Radian

Is there a tutorial / method to run auto renew in home assistant?

The same tutorial that told you how to set up the certificate in the first place, most likely. How did you issue the cert?


Unfortunately not. Setup done with the home assistant let's encrypt addon. There is no automated renew setting or description that I can find.

You mean this one?

Probably because it's, well, automated--there's nothing for you to configure. But a better place for your question would be one of the support resources linked on that page.


Thank you for the reply. I tried the local support forums, no luck as yet. It is automated in the sense that the SSL cert is created and valid for 3 months. So every 3 months I need to repeat the process. That is what I'd like to automate. Thanks.

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If that addon doesn't have any renewal automation, that's really sh*tt*. But not something we can do about I'm afraid.


Are you sure about that? I don't use that plugin for HA (I use the Cloudflared plugin, which means Cloudflare handles the certs), but I'd be really surprised if it were that brain-dead. So do you know that the plugin doesn't automate renewal, or do you just not know that it does?

But these posts on the HA forum look relevant:


I also use Cloudflared plugin. Does this mean that if I use Cloudflared plugin and do not need the Let's Encrypt cert?

When using the "letsencrypt" HA addon, you can use multiple DNS providers (including Cloudflare DNS), but in the end you're still using the "letsencrypt" HA addon.

Not sure what @danb35 means exactly by "I use the Cloudflared plugin", maybe Cloudflare - Home Assistant which is entirely different than the "letsencrypt" addon. The "cloudflare " integration (which is something different than an "addon", HA doesn't use the term "plugin") is more of a dynamic DNS integration for when you're using Cloudflare DNS. This is also separate from letting Cloudflare handle the certificates, as that would imply using the Cloudflare CDN feature.

I'd like to encourage everyone on this Community to use the proper terminology :slight_smile:


So I understand it that letsencrypt HA addon does the encryption from my HA server to Cloudflare and Cloudflare does the encryption from Cloudflare to my HA server or to whoever is logged in to my HA server.


The "letsencrypt" addon only uses Cloudflare, if configured as such, to perform the challenge using the Cloudflare DNS to get a certificate. Nothing more, nothing less.




Yes, that's what I get for going from memory. What I'm using is the Cloudflared add-on, which creates a secure tunnel between your HA installation and Cloudflare's network. This in turn takes care of a few things:

  • Since there's a permanent connection between your HA system and Cloudflare's network, there's no need to forward ports to your HA system. in order to make it remotely accessible
  • This also removes the need for any sort of dynamic DNS
  • And the one I initially mentioned, that Cloudflare now takes care of obtaining and renewing any certs for your installation--there's no need for any Let's Encrypt integration with your HA system.

Setup traefik and let it take care of it. I've not had to renew my certificate manually in over 2 years now, all done automatically when it's gets to 30 days or something? I remember watching carefully at the beginning but now it just works so I don't even check!


@mamaji77111 Traefik? Is it a addon? Can't find it. Please let me know.

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