Auto copy ACME to web server

Hi Everyone,
is there a way to export the ACME-Challenge key and copy it to the webserver via scp.
My scenario is the following one: I can not execute a python script on the webserver and don’t want to copy the ACME-Challenge key manually every time I have to revoke the certificate … so my idea was the following: running the console client on another system, copy the challenge key to the corresponding root webserver, complete the request and copy the certificate to the destination system.

Any ideas how to extract this key from the setup?`

Thanks in advance

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I’d like this too - kind of a cross between ‘webroot’ and ‘manual’ mode where a command can be specified as the output location for the acme-challenge.


It would be very useful if such a feature could be added. The manual creation and uploading is tedious.

Maybe there is already a way to hook into the process and automate it?