Approaches for LetsEncrypt on AWS EC2 Running WordPress on LAMP Stack

Hi. I’ve been searching this forum to find out if LE + EC2 are compatible. If found a lot of posts where people have tried, but no successes. Has anyone successfully implemented?

Hi @AKN,

If you have persistent nodes that you have your own domain name pointed at, it should be possible to install a Let's Encrypt client and get a certificate issued. I have used an EC2 instance for Let's Encrypt development for years and gotten many certificates issued there (under Ubuntu).

This is "supported" in the same way that any smaller-scale VPS provider would be, where you install third-party software as root in order to obtain the certificates.

Amazon also has its own operating system which has had some compatibility problems with Certbot in particular, but I guess this all depends on which OS you choose to run.

Thank you! So, I found these:

Seems someone has written a guide on implementing EC2 with LE. However, EC2 has its own free certificate.

I don’t know what a “persistent node” is, so this is a little like the wild west for a non-techie. I may just go with EC2’s own certificate to keep it simple.

I have not chosen an OS, my only criteria is Wordpress. I’m most familiar with Linux family.

hi @AKN

EC2 is infrastructure only. Its a little bit like saying can i use letsencrypt with HyperV, XenServer or VSphere. The question is fundamentally wrong as LetsEncrypt certificates are usually used by Applications such as web servers etc to secure communications

So the question becomes what is your technology stack (e.g. LAMP, LEMP, etc)

What version of Linux + what web server + wordpress :smiley:

there are a couple of Wordpress Plugin

Seems someone has written a guide on implementing EC2 with LE. However, EC2 has its own free certificate.

It’s not EC2 its AWS (Amazon Web Services). You need to differentiate between EC2 (a infrastructure service), AWS, etc.

Sorry to be lecture like but it’s important to understand these concepts as they will save you time


Thanks! Of all that, I understand LAMP. Being not very technical, I’m going to gravitate towards the solution that has the fewest parties involved and suits my needs.

good :smiley:

i think you should look at the wordpress plugins as it lets you manage your certificates from within the wordpress admin centre

Let us know if you get stuck :smiley:

Sorry, I just mean that you'll set up an individual EC2 server and keep it running indefinitely (as opposed to a setup where you commonly create and destroy various EC2 servers). Let's Encrypt isn't very well-suited for use with highly temporary servers, which might be a part of some people's use cases for EC2, but should be fine when the server will continue to exist for a while.

Thank you everyone for being so helpful and supportive. Feeling very positive as I research this!

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