Apache with Let's Encrypt weird configuration behavior

So, I’ve been trying to move a website SSL with a new server, and to do this, I set up a lab environment since I’ve never done it before. and there are some weird things that happened, and I don’t know if this is OK.

When I set up the first site with Let’s Encrypt the process didn’t create a virtualhost file in the sites-available folder (this folder only contains a 000-default-conf file). Instead, it created a 000-default-le-ssl.conf inside the sites-enabled folder. In the folder there’s also another 000-default-conf, which don’t seem to be symlinks.

The reason why I’m trying to find out what’s the above configuration, because I’m used to see the sites-available folder with a 000-default.conf and 000-default-le-ssl.conf files, and then in the sites-enabled folder I only see the symlinks for those files.

the apache version is Apache/2.4.29. Ubuntu 18.04.

At the end of it all, you can configure your webserver however you want.

You can tell certbot to do as much or as little as you wish, and once you have cert and key, you can install them manually. (just be sure your server gets reloaded on renewals).

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