Apache default page on https

Earlier this week I managed (with help of this communicty, thanks) to install the Letsencrypt and https settings on smartglobe.be .

I’m trying to install it on an additional host: We’re trying to switch http://www.smartvibes.be to https://www.smartvibes.be
When surfing to https://www.smartvibes.be I see the default apache page (instead of the content on http://www.smartvibes.be).

I can’t find where I have to specify the web-path for https content. I tried to duplicate the content in my vhosts file and change the *:80 to *:443 but that doesn’t seem to help. It should be somewhere else. I just don’t know where.

Any help would be appreciated

Best regards,

I’d guess that you are missing the ServerName and ServerAlias from the apache vhost 443 config (although can’t be certain of that).

Could you paste your vhosts config ( pastebin.com is often the easiest place to do that )

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