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April 6
Hello again, Scott

I see that @Osiris has been helping you through the confusion of the expiry email system. There is an active discussion and effort underway to improve this system. The rule of thumb is to see what certificates you actually have installed. This can usually be accomplished by clicking on the padlock icon next to the address bar in your web browser when you visit your website.

yup - that is what I've been doing all along to see when the certs expire - Firefox shows only one cert for each of my websites (unless I'm missing something)

The list of certificates given by sudo certbot certificates will indicate what certificates actually exist (but not whether they are actually installed).

that shows certs that will expire in June for all my sites plus a 2nd cert for one of the sites that will expire later this month

You can also use https://crt.sh to list all of the certificates that you have been issued (which includes certificates that you might not actually still have). You can use the Advanced link from the main https://crt.sh screen to check the Deduplicate box before searching for your domain name. This will filter the "precertificates" out of the list. Without doing this, it will look like you have been issued twice as many certificates as you actually have!

that is helpful - thanks


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