Apache a2dissite won't remove *-le-ssl.conf file from dir "sites-enabled"

this is actually a bug, and not in certbot but apache,
and it is easy to handle it manually, but should not exist :slight_smile:

so, the problem is simply that after issuing a2ensite the -le-ssl.conf file won't be removed from sites-enabled...

moreover, when then a2ensite is issued for the same site, the -le-ssl.conf file is not added "back", either...
(kind of consequently :slight_smile: )

in normal web search, the results are from 2013, and very stupid... like this one:
[SOLVED] Apache2 is ignoring conf changes - a2dissite removes symlink from sites-enabled [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums (ouch!)

this is why I'm bringing it up, as a reminder, and as a usable advice for those searching:

until it is solved (on the part of Apache), handle it manually: remove that -le-ssl.conf file from sites-enabled

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