Any problem with a large number of "Ready" status Orders?

I’m migrating our ACMEv1 client to ACMEv2.

We used a pre-authorization workflow in ACMEv1 which LE doesn’t implement in ACMEv2.

My workaround would be to create Orders we never intend to finalize when on-boarding new domains (for the purpose of getting a Challenge that we can complete prior to Ordering a combined cert with more domains).

My questions are:

  1. Will this (a large number of “Ready” status Orders) create a problem for Let’s Encrypt?
  2. Is there an associated rate limit that will be impacted by this? For clarity, we are planning on completing every challenge on all Orders, just leaving some in “Ready” status.

Assuming a large number of “Ready” status Orders does create a problem, would a potential solution be to create Orders with random unregistered domains to guarantee the Order goes into an Invalid status?

The associated order related rate limit is 300 new orders per account per 3 hours. I’m guessing the order status is irrelevant unless you were leaving the authorizations pending which has it’s own rate limit and you’re not planning to do that. Otherwise, the orders all have an expiration that gets set on creation to (currently) about 8 days. So the orders left in a ready state will eventually just expire and be expunged from the DB. But I’m guessing they’d stay in the DB for the same amount of time even if they were valid or invalid because the expiration doesn’t change.

I was guessing the same and hoping for official confirmation.

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