Amount of email addresses to register

Hi everyone,

Is there a limitation in regards with the amount of email addresses I can register with the parameter -m? My goal is tu put more than one address. If we have this possibility, should I separate them by which character? Comma?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @fpeterson194,

There is a limit to the number of email contacts an account can have. It's currently set to 10 addresses.

Are you using Certbot as your ACME client? You should definitely specify that part so that its easier to help :slight_smile:

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Hi @cpu
Thanks very much for your prompt response. In fact I´m using both, certbot for linux and acmeSharp library for windows.

“both” sounds there are only two clients, while in fact, there are a whole lot more :wink:

@Osiris thanks for your response. Sorry I understood wrongly. I used certbot for some linux distributions and ACMESharp for windows, of course there are several more :slight_smile:

Hopefully someone will be able to give you advice about how to use these clients to register multiple email addresses. I'm not sure myself what the correct format to specify them is.

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@cpu thanks for your response!
Maybe I can test this myself, I can try to pass them as parameter with commas, semi-colons or “” but then I would need a way to check my email account/s from the server. Anyone know how can I achieve this?

I'm not sure how from a client-perspective. From the ACME protocol/server perspective you can send a JWS signed empty POST body to the registration endpoint as described at the end of section 6.3:

If a client wishes to query the server for information about its account (e.g., to examine the "contact" or "certificates" fields), then it SHOULD do so by sending a POST request with an empty update. That is, it should send a JWS whose payload is trivial ({}).

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@cpu thanks very much for your response. I expected an easy way to check this but if it is the only way, I will investigate how to send a JWS POST message to get the response :slight_smile:

I responded on GitHub but because not everyone will see that, I'll post my response here as well:

Certbot unfortunately doesn't currently support registering multiple e-mail addresses for the same account. We should certainly add support for this in the future though.


@bmw thanks very much for your response! Ok. Good to know :slight_smile:

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