Amazon Linux auto renewal

I’m rather new to all of this so please bare with me for asking what may be stupid questions.

My company is having me look into this as a possible addition for us. Is the endgame for LE to walk through the installation the first time and then it auto renews every 2 months? If so, is it safe to assume that since it’s buggy with Amazon Linux (I never could get it to install) that the auto renewal for sure isn’t going to work?

Thanks for your time to whoever helps me out here.

Nothing is “for sure”, as Let’s Encrypt is still in its beta phase. Every day the code is improved.

So you’ve got two options in my opinion:

  1. Set up a test environment and experiment with Let’s Encrypt, perhaps with aid of this community, and help Let’s Encrypt get even better by providing useful information on GitHub (perhaps even fork the code, improve the code [i.e.: make it work on Amazon Linux] and make a Pull Request);
  2. Wait and hope for the best if Let’s Encrypt will work out-of-the-box on Amazon Linux in the future.


Thank you for your reply. We’ll talk it over and see which route we want to go. We’ve already got a dev environment of one our sites setup so I’ll probably keep working on it unless told different, at least for this week. If we decide to keep going with it, I’ll open up another thread.

Again, thanks for your time and information.