Alternative Names - certbot

My domain is:

I ran this command:
certbot --apache -d “,,”

Everything is OK but I have the following task for one of my networking courses.

Use the certbot ACME client to generate a certificate for with the following Subject Alt Names from the Let’s Encrypt CA (Certificate Authority):

The problem is that when looking at the alternative names here:

I have the domain, secure and supersecure.
Is there a way to only have secure and supersecure there using certbot.

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Do you see in the certbot command you ran the place where you specified the domain, secure.domain, and supersecure.domain? What do you think would happen if you specified only secure.domain and supersecure.domain?

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In short, yes (there is a way).
But it requires splitting the reewnal request in two; so that you end up with two certificates.
Which sounds simple...
But depends on how your Apache vhost configs are setup.
The vhost configs would have to match the new grouped names.
You could request "certonly" and deal with "which cert gets used where" manually.

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