Alpine linux error with certbot - rfc3339 library not detected

Hi… I’m using Alpine Linux 3.4 with certbot 0.7 … all is fine, but I upgraded certbot to 0.14 and now I get:
“pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The ‘pyrfc3339’ distribution was not found and is required by certbot”.
The package py-rfc3339 is installed :thinking:

Can anybody help?

Someone else had a similar issue with another library Alpine Linux Python Missing py-argparse - Unable to Install Certbot


So far, I have solved using a manual installation (without package from Alpine):

RUN BUILD_DEPS="py-pip \
            gcc \
            musl-dev \
            python-dev \
            libffi-dev \
            openssl-dev" \
    && apk add -U ${BUILD_DEPS} \
        py-pip \
        tini \
        dialog \
        python \
    && pip install --no-cache virtualenv \
    && virtualenv --no-site-packages -p python2 /usr/certbot/venv \
    && /usr/certbot/venv/bin/pip install --no-cache-dir certbot==${CERTBOT_VER} \
    && pip uninstall --no-cache-dir -y virtualenv \
    && apk del ${BUILD_DEPS} \
    && rm -rf /var/cache/apk/* /root/.cache/pip

(“RUN” = I’m using it in Docker)

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