After reinstalinf virtual server

I installed SSL certificate to my 3 sites without any problems.
One virtual server was under construction so using virtualmin I removed it then started again.
But after that I did not have SSL and there was no way I could install new one.
I removed 3 files for the server in lectsencript folder but that did not help.
I noticed that

Is also modified
I removed modification but then it looks as I don’t have any more credits for the certificate. Need to wait for days so I can try it again. That is not the problem.

My concern is to know proper way how to do things when same virtual server is reinstalled.

Still other 2 sites are fine it made me happy and wanted to donate. My disappointment was that you do not have PayPal option.

Hi @zijo, there is a PayPal option; you can find it at the bottom of The Let’s Encrypt home page really seems to be emphasizing the crowdfunding campaign, but it isn’t the only way to donate.

I think in order to give you good advice for your certificate setup, we’ll need a lot more details about your situation (what software you’re using to server your sites, what software you used to get and install the certs, and exactly what problem you ran into at the end).

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It is Ubuntu 16.04 with Webmin installed and apache.
I just followed instructions at DigitalOcean site and everuthing worked until I reinstalled the server.

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install python-letsencrypt-apache
sudo letsencrypt --apache -d -d

could I use

sudo letsencrypt --apache -d -d -d -d

Yes, I found PayPal, thanks.

Hi @zijo,

That sounds like a fine command for getting a cert that will cover more names, but I’m still unclear on exactly what went wrong for you before.

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