After a generated Thumbprint with New-PACertificate

My domain is:

I ran this command: New-PACertificate -AcceptTOS

It produced this output: 2020-05-03 20:43:06 2048 AC30*…

What shall I do with that output? Is it a KEY or CERTIFICATE? How do I generate the vice verca?

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According to the tutorial on Github, the files (cert, key, chain) are all generated in the designated output folder.

You’ll need to find the output folder in your system and fetch the files.

Thank you

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Congrats on the new cert! That output is a PowerShell object that includes the details you saw on the screen in addition to others like the location of the cert/key files that were generated. The easiest way to find those files is to run Get-PACertificate | Format-List to show all of the properties from that original object.

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