Adding single cert for multiple domains with same directory


I have 10 domains pointing to the same site, therefore i would like to use a SINGLE acme-challenge url and response key for all domains, rather than doing it manually 1 by 1. How can i do this?

my current comamnd that makes me verify one by one (removed private info):

sudo letsencrypt certonly --manual --email -d -d -d -d -d -d -d -d -d -d


This isn’t possible - Let’s Encrypt has no way to know that these domains are all related, and as such you must prove ownership of each one individually. However, this shouldn’t usually be a problem. Is there a reason you’re using the manual plugin instead of something like webroot which would create the challenge files for you?


I am using an app-engine type service which doesn’t allow it.


I’m not sure I understand how that prevents this option. You’re manually placing these challenge files in a specific directory on the same system running Certbot, correct? if so, you could just have Certbot place those files for you.


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