Adding certs to coldfusion2016


I am looking for some clarification on which certs that I need to install on our coldfusion 2016 server for the applications to call to lets encrypt signed certs.

I see :
Root certs
ISRG Root X1 (self-signed)
cross signed
Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 (IdenTrust cross-signed)
Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 (Signed by ISRG Root X1)
Let’s Encrypt Authority X4 (IdenTrust cross-signed)
Let’s Encrypt Authority X4 (Signed by ISRG Root X1)

and this cert:
ISRG Root OCSP X1 (Signed by ISRG Root X1)

I know how to install certs using keystores I just am not clear on which one I need to install


Hi @seiberte

create a new certificate from Letsencrypt.

Then you get the signed certificate and the intermediate certificate in one file. Load these into the keystore, that should work.

Actual certificate from Letsencrypt: Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 - DST Root CA X3.


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