Adding a Cert to a Domain Hostname



Here’s my current set-up:

I have a Cloud host set-up that currently just runs on the IP assigned to it. I have a vhost set-up (nginx) for (can’t disclose real domain) and I just set-up the domain matching to the IP in my Hosts file.

Am I able to use LE SSL doing it this way? It’s just while testing, but eventually when it’s Live it will run correctly on LE with a real domain.



Well, you can get a certificate, as long as you control the domain or the “current” server hosting that domain, you just can’t do it that easily. You’ll need to perform domain validation using some manual means.

You can try the DNS challenge by creating a TXT record to generate a certificate:

certbot -a manual -i nginx -d --preferred-challenges dns

or HTTP by uploading a file on the “current” server:

certbot -a manual -i nginx -d --preferred-challenges http


Thanks for clarifying @_az - I’ll give it a shot!


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