Add OTC to DNS provider list

The Open Telekom Cloud supports Let’s Encrypt DNS validation with the lego acme client (

Can you please add it to this list as it fulfills all requirements: DNS providers who easily integrate with Let's Encrypt DNS validation


Type: DNS Host
ACME Client Support: lego (
Cost: 0,36 €/mo per zone


I have added it to the list, thank you.


Thank you very much!

Hey @_az, just noticed that all the “others” links in the DNS wiki post point to acme-dns’s client page. Is that on purpose?

I also have a bunch of providers to add Posh-ACME to, most notably Akamai Edge DNS which isn’t on the list at all today. I’ll hit you up when I have a chance to round up all the changes.

I don’t know. Might have been someone else. I’ve unlocked the thread again, you should be able to edit it whenever you want (the post is a “wiki” whatever that means).

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