Add domain to existing certificate for tomcate server


We have created the certificate of domain “” successfully by following below link now the issue is how we can creates certificate of another domain like “” of existing domain, I mean want to expand the certificate for tomcat. please need help?



tomcat : 8.5.15
OS: Debian VERSION=“8 (jessie)”



Hi @rahmanafzal86,

In that tutorial they suggest running

certbot certonly --standalone -d

To reissue that certificate to cover the additional domain, you would run

certbot certonly --standalone -d -d

At that point you would need to repeat the subsequent steps in the tutorial related to copying the certificate into the appropriate place for your web server.

One thing that I don’t really like about this tutorial is that the suggestions there won’t automate the renewal of your certificate. The tutorial does correctly point out that the certificate will expire after 90 days and that it has to be renewed by then, but it seems to suggest doing so manually by running the command again. Certbot has lots of features to help automate this process so that it can perform the renewal automatically, but the tutorial doesn’t mention this or suggest the value of taking advantage of this.

If you’re interested in that issue, I would suggest starting a new thread here like “How can I automate renewals with Tomcat?” and linking to the tutorial you followed again. I’m sure that people will help with advice about automating the renewal process.


(It might be necessary to shut down Tomcat when running this command if your Tomcat instance is using port 80, as mentioned elsewhere in the tutorial.)


Thank. certificate is added successfully.

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