ACMEv2 protocol upgrade

i use ACMESharp module to create ssl certificates
(i dont use client software, i use ACMESharp via power shell)
i got a mail says that i use ACMEv1 protocol an i need to upgrade to
ACMEv2 protocol

What do i have to change in my code?

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See this comment from the author of ACMESharp. Upgrading to ACME v2 won’t be possible, so you will need to move to another client.

ACMESharp’s successor, ACMESharpCore, has a new PowerShell project - .


this is my code below,
where can if find a new code that creates multiple domain certificates?

#install-Module -Name ACMESharp

import-module ACMESharp

$email = ""
$iissitename = "websitename"
$certname = "aaa15$(get-date -format yyyy-MM-dd--HH-mm)"
$pfxfile = "C:\Certs\03\pfx\$certname.pfx"

$initializevault = $FALSE
$createregistration = $FALSE
$createalias = $TRUE

$domains = @(<...list of domains...>			

$aliases = @()

# Change to the Vault folder
cd C:\ProgramData\ACMESharp\sysVault

# First time on the machine - intiialize vault


    # Set up new 'account' tied to an email address
     New-AcmeRegistration -Contacts "$email" -AcceptTos
For ($i=0; $i -lt $domains.Length; $i++) {
		$aliases += @($domains[$i]+$(get-date -format yyyyMMddHHmm))
		# Associate a new site 
		New-AcmeIdentifier -Dns $domains[$i] -Alias $aliases[$i]
		#New-ACMEIdentifier -Dns $domain2 -Alias $alias2

		# Prove the site exists and is accessible => (This creates files at .well-known\acme-challenge folder)
		Complete-ACMEChallenge $aliases[$i] -ChallengeType http-01 -Handler iis -HandlerParameters @{WebSiteRef="$iissitename"} -Force
		#Complete-ACMEChallenge $alias2 -ChallengeType http-01 -Handler iis -HandlerParameters @{WebSiteRef="$iissitename"} -Force

		# Validate site
		Submit-ACMEChallenge $aliases[$i] -ChallengeType http-01 -Force
		#Submit-ACMEChallenge $alias2 -ChallengeType http-01 -Force

		# check until valid or invalid - pending =>(Just check the status field)
		Update-ACMEIdentifier $aliases[$i] -ChallengeType http-01
		#Update-ACMEIdentifier $alias2 -ChallengeType http-01 

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