ACME2 authz object status values

The latest ACME2 spec describes an authz object’s status as:

The status of this authorization. Possible values are: “pending”, “processing”, “valid”, “invalid” and “revoked”.

… but what do those values mean? Specifically, what does processing mean? I don’t see this spelled out anywhere in the spec. Order objects have “processing” defined, but not authz.

That appears to be a description of the order statuses, not the authz statuses … ?

You are right - my bad. Seems like ACME v1 didn’t define them either.

Boulder seems to imply that they have similar meanings across object types, though.

I just wonder what a “processing” authz would be. I guess it’s sent an HTTP request but hasn’t gotten a reply?

You got me interested. I think the problem may be one of the spec not being updated fully, since it also fails to mention the deactivated status:

e.g /authz/JpwS7L4roOKkbASiretXjVcEGVbG2p0LJLPA9wDs994:

  "identifier": {
    "type": "dns",
    "value": ""
  "status": "deactivated",
  "expires": "2018-01-19T09:45:05Z",

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