error: authorization must be pending

@Yuri1 I’m happy that you finally were able to renew, using certbot. Potentially, the problem was in the fact that you omitted asterisk in your renew command above (I doubt that it’s valid to use -d instead of expected -d * or '*'; IMO, this is supported by the fact that LE recognizes the request as for multi-domain cert, but not wildcard one – see debug output). Anyway, hopefully, @Neilpang will soon clarify on this (since I quite like - thank you for your work, @Neilpang, and would prefer to stay with it versus switching to other ACME client options).

fixed. please try again with the latest code: --upgrade

The reason is that you used dns manual mode first, but you didn’t pass the verification next. The previous txt value was cached by

I just cleared the cache if the verification is failed. So, you will get a new record next time.


Personally, I would suggest you not use dns manual mode.

please consider using dns api mode for dns alias mode instead.





@Neilpang Thank you. My pleasure. :slight_smile:

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Now it works, thank you!

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