Acme: Could not find resolver for: DNS-01

I'm using Caddy, which automatically uses Let's Encrypt for certs. here's the command I'm issuing and the output I'm getting. the problem seems to be with LE:

# /usr/local/bin/caddy -log stdout -agree=true -conf=/etc/caddy/Caddyfile -root=/var/tmp -email

Activating privacy features...2016/12/26 21:43:51 [INFO][] acme: Obtaining bundled SAN certificate
2016/12/26 21:43:51 [INFO][] acme: Could not find solver for: dns-01
2016/12/26 21:43:51 [INFO][] acme: Trying to solve TLS-SNI-01
2016/12/26 21:43:51 [] failed to get certificate: [] error presenting token: Could not start HTTPS server for challenge -> listen tcp :443: bind: address already in use

I'm not running anything on 443 but as is obvious from above the real problem seems to be of name resolution

what else can I try to make this work?

For caddy specific errors, you are probably better using the support side for caddy ( )

The error does seem to be that you have something already running on port 443 it may be worth running

netstat -tulpn | grep 443

to check if there is anything running on that port.

my bad, you’re right. caddy was already running on that port under a user account. I had checked the output of systemctl status and saw it was dead and figured it wasn’t running. thank you for helping me figure it out

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