ACME 2 client for embedded system

I want to adapt an existing ACME 2 client written in C to run on an embedded server with no operating system. The server has a file system & real-time clock and it’s running wolfSSL, which provides a broad range of cryptographic features comparable to those in OpenSSL. Could you recommend client(s) that would be a good starting point for this development effort?

it supports openssl / gnutls / mbedtls and I think aurther will add wolfssl support for it if you ask nicely

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Thanks for the lead, but the GPL3 license is incompatible with the project I’m working. I’ll keep looking.

The only other C based client I’m aware of is the OpenBSD acme-client but it’s a fairly heavyweight client that has an interesting architecture focused on security perhaps at the cost of simplicity. It’s also not portable as-is. There is a portable version but until recently it was ~abandonware. A new maintained fork of the portable version is here: I believe it is BSD licensed.

If you’re willing to compromise on needing a client written in C to allow one written in C++ then acme-lw might be a better starting point. It looks a lot more straight forward to use as a library and is licensed under MIT.


You could use the following, but you would need to change the server:

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