Account registration rate limit on Staging Server?

This is on Staging Server.

{“type”:“urn:acme:error:rateLimited”,“detail”:“Error creating new registration :: Too many registrations from this IP”,“status”:429}

So what exactly the limit is ?

Is it necessary to limit on the Staging Server ?

The limit is fairly high, and I believe it’s on a three-hour window, so should be expired by now.

You’re welcome to use staging for all the testing you like, but if you’re running a very large number of tests (for instance, if you have a continuous integration test that runs automatically), you may be better off running a local instance of Boulder to test against. That way your testing will not be disrupted by any changes on staging.

Hi, @jsha

Thanks for you reply, but it passed about 23 hours now, I just tried again, I still got such limit error.

I think it’s not 3 hours.

Can you please take a look?

Will double check. Can you send me the IP address from which you are registering?

So, what exactly the rate limit should be?

Looks like it’s currently 100 registrations / 7 days, which should be 100 / 3 hours. I’ve filed a ticket with our Ops team to fix.

As long as the whole domain isn’t on the public suffix list, that’s completely normal. And your university probably shouldn’t be on that list. Apart from that, it seems to be off-topic here.

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