Accidentally Unsubscribed

Unfortunately this is implemented on the side of our email provider and we don’t have the ability to make changes. I agree that it would be a lot better if we they confirmed the intent before unsubscribing!

I recently added some additional text to the email to make it clearer that it won’t confirm the unsubscribe action. This should be rolled out to the production emails in the next while. Hopefully that helps somewhat!


Ok but the command provided with cerbot should work ?

Yes. ~/certbot/venv/bin/certbot register --update-registration --email should work. You might have to change the ~/certbot/venv/bin portion based on where/how you installed Certbot.

Hi guys I accidentally unsubscribed. I meant to click on different window which was in front of this email, Anyone please post how you manage to get expiry notifications working again with satisfaction. Thanks

I unsubscribed because I didn’t want any more notifications those domains mentioned in the email.
I realize that I unsubscribed from notifications from all my domains.

Maybe you should clarify that in the text next to the link, that the link unsubscribes from notification from all domains, not only those in the current email.

I created for this suggestion. Thanks

I’ve just had this issue - hopefully this doesn’t affect all the domains that we’ve signed up to?

We are using a company-wide email, and this may affect more than just one domain.

Is there not any way you could add a re-subscribe feature?

If you unsubscribe from one expiration warning email it will unsubscribe that address from all future expiration warnings.

Presently this isn’t possible. It’s a non-trivial amount of work and the expiration warnings are a best effort service. I recommend that for large organizations in particular that you have monitoring in place above and beyond the expiration warnings for the certificates you rely on.

Apologies for the poor experience. Can you use the workaround described on the expiration email docs page?

However, you can change the email address on your account, which effectively re-subscribes you. Many common email services treat the same as So if you update your email address to, you can start getting expiry mail again. With Certbot, use:

certbot register --update-registration --email

Okay, well thank you for answering my question.

Only thing I would ask, would you be able to add a pre-unsubscribe notice; e.g. “Are you sure you wish to unsubscribe?”

I can’t help but think that this thread wouldn’t exist if that pre-check had been applied already?

IMHO / In My Humble Opinion.

Unfortunately we can’t since the service we use for sending email is responsible for generating the link ID and manages the unsubscribes. They have implemented it as a one-click action.

One example that was created by a community member here (and is not affiliated with Let’s Encrypt) is

It uses a slightly different approach than the Let’s Encrypt expiration notices. The latter are based on a history of all certificates ever issued by Let’s Encrypt, while the former are based on actively monitoring whatever is being used by a particular specified site. So for example if you issued a Let’s Encrypt cert for and, and then you completely stopped using and renewed the cert only for,

  • the Let’s Encrypt warnings would say that you had failed to renew your cert, because the CA knows that you once had a particular cert configuration and you no longer do, while

  • the Let’s Monitor warning would say that everything was fine, if you had only signed up to monitor, because at least that site still has a valid cert.

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This is really incredible, I did hit the unsubscribe link by mistake and here I am. Impossible to re-subscribe, but at least this will last for only 1 year, right? After 1 year I will get the notifications again? Btw, good job, Mandrill, best experience ever! Too bad it’s not possible to follow the url on mouseover, it would have made the process even smoother. Or is it possible?

Actually it would make sense if the unsubscribe link was not included, if anyone stops using their email for renewing certs, it will eventually stop receiving expiration notifications anyway.
I think it is possible to use mandrill and send notifications without unsubscribe links.
Now 2020, and the accidental unsubscribe issue is still possible.

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