Accidentally Unsubscribed on many servers

I already read about about resubscribing limitations and know about manual registering the email address with "+1" trick

My question is that I have more than 1 servers installed Let's Encrypt and using certbot to issue and renew certificates for multiple websites with one email address

Do i need to update my email registration on all servers and add +1 to my email address to activate my subscribe on the same address again ? or updating on one server will update and activate my subscription again ?

If its needed to update all servers it would take long time so can i ask to activate my subscription again on all servers and accounts manually ?



Yes, you would need to update your email address each server individually.

The reason for this is that Certbot registers a new Let's Encrypt account on every server. They are not linked, even if you provide the same email address for each one. If you change the email address on one account, it doesn't affect the others.

It's possible to do this somewhat quickly and automatically with a shell script, if you have SSH access and a list of all of your severs.

I'm not sure whether Let's Encrypt have a process in place to do this.


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