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Hello, I am complete new to ssl. I had never used this service yet, Today morning ,i tried to install certificate on my domain helloworld.dhengaanil.com.np , so i put ISRG Root X1 in “Certificate: (CRT)" and Let’s Encrypt Authority X1 in “Certificate Authority Bundle” field. And there was a empty "Private Key: (KEY)” , and again i put ISRG Root X1 in “Private Key: (KEY)*” field. But server said “Invalid Private Key”, and ignored it. But i notice that my site is now Https. Did i do wrong? I am waiting for your reply :smile:



You cannot use the root certificate. It will not work and you will not have access to the private key for that certificate. You have to use the certificate and private key created for your domain. But you cannot do that currently because the LE service is not publicly available yet. If you check the certificate currently used for your domain you will see that it’s not a LE certificate but a certificate provided by CloudFlare. It seems that CloudFlare already provides a certificate for you so you have no need to use LE.


thanks. ya… that was cloud-flare ssl :smiley: @mkoko


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