"404 Not Found" After installation via root

My website is back online. That’s a relief.

_az, thank you very much for your support and patients.

I’ve learned my share of command line knowledge from this support request.

Now, if it’s possible, what can we do so I may enable SSL on my site?

I do have the LetsEncrypt plugin installed.

Your site already has Let’s Encrypt enabled.

When I visit it, it redirects me to HTTPS, and I see a valid Let’s Encrypt certificate.

I don’t think you need the WordPress plugin .Certbot takes care of everything for you.

Indeed it does. What a pleasant surprise. :slight_smile:
_az, thank you so much for the support.

You’ve made my day - literally.

I do wonder though, if you got through the password protection page of my website, it still does note it’s not fully secured… though, you can see the https

Pass: 4471347

If you care to take a look. haha

Okay, this is interesting. If you try to access any other pages of my site, it results in the 404 page.

Only the home page seems to be working…


That's due to issues in your theme.

Look at:

Don't know. Maybe it's because your .htaccess file is missing or not effective. At any rate, you'll need to seek help from the WordPress community.

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I’ll seek help with Wordpress support groups.

If it may assist you in pointing me in the right direction, it was after I followed the directions in that tutsplus tutorial that I started to have these issues.

Again, only up to the part where the last command I put in was

./letsencrypt-auto --apache -d clsindustriesllc.com

An update on my dilemma, when I duplicate the pages that I’m getting the 404 errors with, I’m able to view them just fine in preview mode… however, when I click to publish, it simply returns published failed.

It is not the URL slug.

Any ideas?

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