4-5 minute delay when getting certificate

Presuming the --dry-run has the same extensive delay.
[which is highly likely - but should be confirmed nonetheless]

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You could continue using Certify The Web. If I were you, I would do that. If using HTTP-01 validation, you can just have all the /.well-known/acme-challenge traffic proxied to a single server of your choosing. If using DNS-01 validation, that is not necessary. Then just have an in-house tool deploy certs/restart servers.

I open sourced our in-house tool for scalable systems - GitHub - aptise/peter_sslers: or how i stopped worrying and learned to love the ssl certificate - but it's out-of-date and needs a lot of things backported. IMHO, any system over 250 domains needs a centralized certificate system that can handle reporting and auditing - otherwise it's just a nightmare to troubleshoot.


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