35 minutes to generate a certificate using certmanager

35 minutes to generate a certificate

My domain is: nference.online

I followed the official documentation- Cloudflare - cert-manager Documentation

Then I tried to generate the certificate using the yaml-

apiVersion: cert-manager.io/v1
kind: Certificate
name: any-nference
secretName: any-nference-online-tls
duration: 2160h # 90d
renewBefore: 360h # 15d
- nference
isCA: false
algorithm: RSA
encoding: PKCS1
size: 2048
- server auth
- client auth
- any.nference.online
name: prod-issuer
kind: ClusterIssuer

Normal Issuing 77m cert-manager-certificates-trigger Issuing certificate as Secret does not exist
Normal Generated 77m cert-manager-certificates-key-manager Stored new private key in temporary Secret resource "any-nference-mrzj9"
Normal Requested 77m cert-manager-certificates-request-manager Created new CertificateRequest resource "any-nference-1"
Normal Issuing 42m cert-manager-certificates-issuing The certificate has been successfully issued

Although I am getting the certificate, as you can see from the log it is taking 35 minutes to issue a certificate.

Hi @c0ldb00t3r, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

Not exactly sure how you see 35 minutes... It isn't very obvious.
[My best guess is 77m - 42m = 35m (where "m" must stand for minutes)]

Even if it is taking 35 minutes, I don't see how this forum can help with that.
This isn't a primary help channel for cert-manager nor Cloudflare nor whatever O/S you are using.

That said, you might get lucky and someone who has had that same problem may read this topic and may respond [but I wouldn't hold my breath on that]. I think you might do better/faster even by using a search engine.


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