3 million issued certs and almost 2 million unexpired certificates

  • 2016-06-01: three million unexpired certificates.
  • 2016-06-03: four million issued certificates.
  • 2016-06-03: IdenTrust’s market share is 6 % (W³Techs).
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IdenTrust is now used more than GlobalSign (W³Techs). :slight_smile:


“Every 50 seconds one of the top 10 million websites starts using IdenTrust, which is used as root certificate for Let’s Encrypt.” https://plus.google.com/u/0/+W3techs/posts/AjEWbkBBdLG

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  • 6 million issued certificates.
  • 4,25 million unexpired certificates.
  • IdenTrust is used on 2,0 % of all sites (market share: 9,7 %).
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Hmm, I think I now understand why IdenTrust wanted to cross-sign Let’s Encrypts root. Such a market share is nice… :smile:


Daily Activity has not been updated since 25 July (6,49 M). Now more than 7,1 million certificates have been issued.


Unexpired Certificates has not been updated since 27 July (4,33 M).

Checking now, I see both charts updated as of Jul 29. Feel free to tag me or another staff member in the future if those graphs seem stuck for more than a couple of days.

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Yes, both are now updated again. Thanks. :slight_smile:

And what an update, half a million unexpired certificates. :+1:

Maybe a cronjob could help here so that the graphs are updated automatically?

The charts are already updated automatically, but sometimes they fall behind, for instance due to DB slowness.

eh what? we have 4,8M unexpired so almost 10 times what you said, maybe you got the numbers wrong?

No. It went up from 4,34 M to 4,88 M, that is (a little more than) half a million new unexpired certificates. Those were the update. :wink:

oh you meant a half million increase.

but how can it geven get that much in less than a week?

@jsha I would still like an update for client usage stats.

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@pde Do you still have the query handy that you used for https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2016/03/new-name-and-roadmap-lets-encrypt-client?

Hi @kelunik! Here are some updated graphs. These are for the past 60 days, which is a pretty good approximation to a count of “actively renewed certificate lineages”.

In the count of raw certificates, we’re starting to see pretty large market shares for the clients used in Let’s Encrypt integrations that have been deployed by very large hosting providers. For instance, OVH rolled their own client using libwww-perl, and that software is now the second largest requester of Let’s Encrypt certs; the Faraday requests are mostly being made by Shopify. Caveat: these numbers are also a little biased. Wordpress, for instance, issues many names per cert, so their client looks much smaller than it really is:

Counting by number of source IPs rather than number of issued certificates, the data looks quite different. This shows that Certbot is comparatively much more popular amongst folks who are just setting up one or a small number of certs on their servers. We also see that Synology NAS devices are a considerable fraction of the servers deploying LE certs.


It’s also striking that how much issuance has accelerated. The graph I posted in March showed 460K certs issued by the Let’s Encrypt Python Client / Certbot in a four month period; Certbot is now issuing about twice as many certs in about half that time, and client diversity is increasing at the same time.

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thanks @pde for sharing the stats !